We’ve Moved In!

What can an exhausted homeowner say but simply: We’re in! The last two months have been a blur with people in and out of the house, boxes being packed and stacked everywhere, unpacked and piled elsewhere…Somehow, on the day before the Solstice 2019, we managed to get an occupancy permit and move ourselves into Silver Rock. We woke on the Solstice to the beginning of the next Phase: Getting back to normal (and quick, put up a Christmas tree!).

We managed to make the main room functional. The kids got to have a sort-of-normal Christmas. It has taken us weeks–here we are well into February–to get things organized, unpacked, and to feel somewhat settled.

The Great Hallway

Just as the kids were going back to school after winter break, snow came…we enjoyed being warm and cozy in the house and spent the day sledding and enjoying a break from unpacking. The coyotes were there, tromping through the meadow…

Coyote Kid

While we are not yet finished with all the finishing touches (we still need door handles and bathroom shower floor tile!) it is starting to feel more like home every day. We are grateful that the long process is nearly complete. Thanks for making the journey with us…

Master Suite
Main Space
Custom Fixtures from LightArt, Seattle
Cozy Kitchen Sofa nook

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