Our Vision

The Silver Rock Residence is a single family home that seeks to incorporate timeless and simple architecture with deep green design/building techniques and materials. The home is a one-story courtyard style home that will blend in with the expansive acreage of the meadow and forest beyond. It is comprised of a series of structures connected by a wide, long hallway (deemed “The Hall of Life”).

The Hall of Life is designed to feel like a series of room-like spaces, each section having a purpose beyond simply transitioning a person from point A to B. Destinations along the hallway will be resting spots, places where the boundary between inside and out will blur to allow an appreciation of nature, study areas, and a photo gallery.

Other areas of the house can be entered into from the Hall of Life: the main living area, the bedroom wing, a small office with access to a children’s loft, bathrooms, and a mudroom/laundry.

Other priorities of the design include: ample natural light in every room of the home, use of natural, non-toxic/locally sourced materials, site milled lumber, restoration of native plant landscapes, and additional new habitat on a living roof. Some of our favorite elements of the design include two bed-sized window nooks (one in the Hall of Life, one in the kitchen), a children’s loft/escape space with a balcony overlooking the main living area, a covered outdoor sitting porch that will serve as outdoor living space between the main hall and the bedroom wing, and a carport roofed in solar panels for net positive energy.

Scale is important to us. We want the home to be comfortable, welcoming, and elegant in its simplicity without being more than we need. We want it to inspire and enliven our family and visitors with spaces that feel unique but relatable. The home is approximately 2400 square feet on the interior, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. The entry courtyard will greet visitors on the north side and the courtyard on the south side will look onto a large meadow and forest.

We can not say enough about McLennan Design and the ecologically minded approach they used to orchestrate and organize all stages of this project. Their integrative approach will enrich our lives for years to come.

The same can be said for Batt + Lear, a design/build firm that brings a wealth of experience (and enthusiasm that matches our own!) to the project. They have navigated the complexity of the build and the LBC with skill and commitment.