The Earth Is Moving

It is the beginning of June and the earth is moving…We have gone ahead and cleared the remaining trees that needed to come down, several large cedars that headed straight to the mill for processing and a few dead hemlocks/hazard trees. Several layers of topsoil are now piled high on the south side of the clearing and we’ve got the house corners staked and ready for excavation work to begin. Overall, since getting our building permit, the process has gone smoothly. We did decide to rotate the house slightly to the southwest to catch views of our favorite big leaf maple tree from the seating area in the soon-to-be living room…a small (but very worthwhile) delay as we submitted a revised site plan to the city for approval.

In other news, we’ve had another delivery of lumber to the site.

The large rotten cedar tree that came down in the winter (which was necessary to put in the well) has been transformed into many liner feet of cedar siding planks. It will continue to dry over the summer months in preparation for installation in fall. Also delivered was a sizable stack of Alder planks, also from a tree that came down at well-drilling time. It’s good to see both trees again…it will be even better to see them cladding the exterior of our home.

We have been knee deep in vetting products and materials, including finalizing window orders and trouble shooting interior door specifications. It’s all starting to feel more real now. Stay tuned, things will be happening real soon!


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