Summer 2019 Update: Insulation, Drywall, Landscaping

Summer is in full swing and so is the final push to complete the interior and exterior of the house. Since our last update we’ve said goodbye to exposed studs and joists. Dense packed cellulose insulation was used to insulate the exterior walls and ceilings. Cellulose was chosen for several reasons over fiberglass or rockwool, but mainly due to it’s smaller carbon footprint.

Cellulose Insulation Goes In

Once inspection was complete for the insulation element we moved into drywall installation, which took about 1 week, followed about about a week of taping. We used Certainteed gypsum board, which meets LBC criteria.

Ceiling goes up in the entry hall
taping of the drywall in the main living area

It is great to see the wall surfaces take shape and helps us see the final shape and size of the rooms and window spaces. We have chose chosen countertops, tile, and paint colors (with the help of Maria Killam, whose color blog I’ve been reading and enjoying). We are looking forward to seeing it all come together.

Remember the Salvaged Old Growth Fir Beams from the fish cannery in Alaska? Well, we turned one of them into our front door, voila! Isn’t she pretty?

Elsewhere on the site, we’ve got final grading and landscaping starting up. The rain garden and a drainage system for the back yard will be going in in the coming week. Also, an update on the drainfield restoration: we’ve mulched and transplanted lots of ferns and native plants and it’s looking good!

Operation Restoration: Looking Good

Overall, we are mentally exhausted and ready to be in the house…but we are in the home stretch now! Check back in September for our next update….

View from the Main Hall

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