One of the things we have been most excited to see/experience during the construction process is the creation of SIREWALL along the Hall of Life. Our excitement has therefore increased in the last week or two as the SIREWALL board forms have been erected in preparation for the mixing and ramming of earth that will follow shortly. Watching our team construct the board forms with precision and attention to detail has been amazing.

In other news, we are getting a better handle on waste management strategies and have been combing the site for metals and wood scraps that will need to be sent onward for recycling and mulching, respectively, at some point down the line. The kids helped us get organized by labeling waste bins. They used some magnets from their science kits to wave over the ground/hardpan to collect scrap metal.

We are planning to mulch our enormous tree/log pile in the coming weeks before the fall rains return. We will need to stabilize uncovered soils during October in preparation for winter. A hefty pile of mulch should do the trick. Additionally, the composting toilet is working really well and drain field installation will begin in October as framing is taking place. Onward.

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