March Update: Windows, a roof, and dirt…lots of dirt.

Spring 2019 is here. In contrast to the coldest February on record we just experienced the warmest (79 degree) day of winter ever recorded in Seattle. It is a sure sign that the climate is changing and weather extremes must be taken into account in the design and construction of new human dwellings. The Living Building Challenge promotes the development of homes that will be better able to withstand the changes that lay ahead…I will discuss this in another upcoming post.

At Silver Rock, major work has progressed. Windows and doors have arrived and been installed and the roof has taken shape and is nearing completion.

living room windows
Metal Roofing is up

As you can see from the pictures, the Gutex siding was wrapped with a water resistant barrier (Solitex Mento) and battens were placed along with the rain screen. Siding has been installed along the south facade, both Shou Sugi Ban (charred cedar) and the oxidized cedar. The colors of the siding coordinate well with the window frame color. We are happy with how the aesthetic is coming together.

East side Shou Sugi Ban
two different cedar finishes

Also on the exterior, more moving of dirt is taking place and we are moving into the late stages of an extensive effort to contour the land and optimize drainage into the pond/rain garden on the east side. The abundant amount of soil on the site has required a lot of moving of dirt and thinking about ways to use it creatively on the property to construct berms and small elevations in places. Construction of the large rain garden will begin soon…

March 2019: Cedar siding goes up

On the interior, we’ve completed the electrical walk through and have begun the process of picking plumbing fixtures (exploring LCB compliant products) and lighting fixtures. The next few weeks should bring further progress on doors and windows, siding installation, and drain field installation.

Happy Spring Everyone!

First day of spring

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