June Update: Septic, Electrical, and Plumbing. Check.

It’s been a while since our last update. I got sidetracked with vacation and the flu…Where were we?

It is mid-June 2019, construction at Silver Rock is progressing. Over the last month we have seen a lot of detail work taking place. The rough-in for electrical, plumbing, and low voltage wiring is done. Fire blocking and air sealing are done. Prep for the wood floors above slab is underway and the insulation crew should be arriving on site tomorrow or the next day to get to work.

view out kitchen window

Big progress has taken place with installation of the drainfield and septic system. We used 1500 gallon HDPE tanks rather than concrete in support of longevity and recyclability of the system components. We can also add a guest house to these oversized tanks in the future without adding additional tanks.

We had some challenges (with market realities being what they are) finding LBC compliant components for some of the septic tank parts/systems. Our consultants (our septic designer and our installer) worked very hard to vet parts, explore options outside of traditional PVC components, and spoke with the health department and parts manufacturers on multiple occasions to forge a path forward for our project.

Thankfully, there were many parts that we were able to substitute in service of LBC. Long runs of PVC piping were replaced with perforated ABS pipe and conduit for the electrical wiring was also changed to HDPE, for example. The tank filters were made of polypropylene. In the end, we are confident that we did the absolute best we could given market realities. Now, it’s time for advocacy to encourage manufacturers of specific parts to find PVC alternatives. By the way, a shout out to Charles Pollmar (designer of the system) and Brant and Robin Mash (installation by Aspen Excavating) who went the extra mile for our project.

septic tanks are in!

Off-site, we continue to vet products for all the finishing work that is yet to come. Paul Dennison, master woodworker, has built the front door for Silver Rock with some of our reclaimed old-growth fir beams (pics soon). We can’t wait to see it! He is also hard at work preparing for cabinetry building now that we have finalized our cabinetry lay-outs and measurements. Appliances are purchased, awaiting installation. Our landscape crew will be coming in early July to complete the rain garden, final grading, yard drains, and top soil repletion.

A light at the end of the tunnel? Perhaps! We will keep you posted!

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