January Update: Siding, Insulation, Patience.

We are nearing the end of January 2019 and things are progressing. We are in the final stages of getting a roof attached to the framing, preparing siding for installation, doing exterior site work to create the rain garden and get down to our preliminary grade. Let’s break it down…

Exterior work continues

First, Van Slyke Construction (Dave and crew) were back on site to install roof over-framing, which allowed us to put down two layers of staggered outboard insulation (to reduce air gaps). The insulation product we chose for the exterior insulation (roof and walls) is Gutex, a wood fiber product produced from dynamically managed forests. It has minimal carbon footprint compared to other exterior rigid insulation types.

Gutex insulation arrives

We did a detailed comparison of mineral wool insulation vs. XPS vs. polyiso and determined that the Gutex is by far the most earth friendly product with comparatively little embodied carbon, no added urea formaldehyde (such as in mineral wool) and lacking chemical flame retardants (often found in readily available EPS and polyiso products). We feel good about this specification for these reasons and it is clearly in keeping with LBC ideals.

Gutex goes up onto the roof, gets covered with sheathing

Siding manufacturing continues to progress. J and I have taken on the task of hand staining all sides of the exterior siding, which we hope to have finished and dried before installation in mid-Feb…ish…It’s time consuming, but will allow us to treat both sides of the siding which will prolong longevity and performance with an open rain screen.

Siding treated with Lifetime wood treatment to oxidize wood

Windows are ready to ship and will be arriving within a couple weeks. So, if all goes (mostly) smoothly, we should have the house exterior nearing completion by end of Feb. Meanwhile, interior work will begin shortly with start of plumbing and electrical work. We’ll be back with another update in February…

The Hall of Life

So, lots happening at the Silver Rock Residence…Happy January everyone.

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