February Update: Snow Going

It is February 2019. We’ve had a mild winter…up ’til now. After my last update some very cold air swept in from the North and we’ve had multiple weeks of sub-freezing temperatures, plus a record breaking amount of snow (18 inches when all was said and done). This has had a (forgive me) chilling effect on the progress at Silver Rock, but at least we were gifted with a couple pretty photos of the house-in-progress blanketed in white…

not much construction going on

Thankfully, the pitched sections of the roof were waterproofed prior to the snows arrival and the first layer of house wrap was installed (that’s why the house looks for dark in the photo above). Unfortunately, the snow was hard to manage on the flat portions of the roof, which were not quite waterproofed yet (we are having a hard time sourcing LBC-compliant tapered polyiso insulation for installation below the LBC-compliant TPO membrane…in case you were wondering). On the bright side, the flat roof can withstand the weight of a record snowfall, unlike the wood shed (see picture below…oy!)…Brant made heroic efforts to shovel the unbelievable amount of snow off the flat roof above the garage and Hall of Life. We thank him mightily!

snow is heavy…there goes the wood shed/tent

Site work has progressed some (prior to snow) with debris being sorted, preliminary grading taking place in spots in preparation for the drain field going in, and we are getting ready for the plumbing and electrical rough in. I will note that consideration is being given to ways to mitigate exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) by installing electrical systems in specific ways. A basic discussion of such techniques can be found here. We first learned about this in reviewing presentations by a building biologist Scot Appert, of BioHealthy Homes.

So what’s in store for the coming weeks? Windows! However, the truck with our windows is stranded in Eastern Washington and the mountain Pass remains closed under 4 feet of snow, so timing is unknown. It will likely take another 4-7 days for the snow to melt completely in the lowlands and we hope that by that time our windows will be on site, we will have solved our roof insulation challenges, and site work will continue. We remain hopeful, as always. To be continued…

February 2019: first layer of house wrap goes on

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