During A Lull In Action: Gratitude.

We are calling this month Juneuary. It was cool enough this morning that I whipped out a down vest. Nevertheless, we had it in mind to spend much of the day at the property. The boys were determined to pick enough Salmon berries for pie and to make good “use” of the dirt pile for their construction play purposes. I loaded the picnic basket, the boys gathered their trucks and shovels and off we went. The sun poked through the clouds around noon, thank you Sun. Grandma came to pull up ivy and tackle some invasive holly bushes and it turned into one of those sugar-sweet afternoons. I somehow think that it will be one of those days I remember forever.

We tromped through the trails, picked as many berries as we could find, talked with neighbors, got satisfyingly dirty playing with trucks. We ate a picnic lunch in the outlined footprint of our future covered porch. And now, gratitude. Gratitude for the opportunity to slow down and soak it all in. Summer is off to a good start.



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