At The Mill

Today we paid a visit to David Kotz, our local miller extraordinaire, and his outdoor mill only 1/2 a mile from our building site. Our family has been eager to observe the milling of the felled trees from our land. We spent an hour or so watching one log be milled from start to finish. It began with a forklift moving it onto the milling equipment, followed by careful removal of the bark and outer sap wood, and then the repeated planning of the log to yield a 20 ft x 6 inch wide board with each cut. Very cool. By the end of the day, David and his co-worker, Brett, had transformed about 8 trees into our future floors and shelving.

David educated us on the milling process, the need for drying of the wood prior to installation, and we brainstormed some fun projects that could come from the left over wood that we will likely have after these logs are milled. Needless to say, the boys were highly interested in the machines and activity. Convincing them to leave required significant parental nudging. It was a memorable, saw-dust-filled afternoon. I might go hug a tree now.


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