We live and thrive in Bainbridge Island, WA, located in Puget Sound just west of Seattle. The innate beauty of this place inspires locals and those who visit. Our island is surrounded by clear water, bordered by vibrant shorelines and estuaries, rooted with towering evergreens, and enlivened by abundant wildlife and a community that cares.

The four of us (er, 6 of us, if you count the cats) began to contemplate building a home in 2015, we knew that "home" would need to be a place where the house and the people in it could be an integral part of the natural ecosystem of Bainbridge Island. We knew we wanted a home that would inspire, that would give the Earth more than it would take (during construction and in perpetuity), produce more energy than it would consume, and restore the ecology and habitat of island land infested with invasive species.

These audacious notions led us to explore various green building approaches (LEED, Passivhaus, passive solar design). While these frameworks offered "green" strategies, they did not present an integrative approach that addressed appropriate site selection, water sustainability, positive energy, human wellness, uncompromising material standards, and social equity in one framework. We began to wonder if our goals were a bit too lofty. Then we met Jason McLennan and discovered the Living Building Challenge (LBC). The LBC resonated so deeply with our vision that we embarked with McLennan Design on a journey to transform our audacious goals into reality...into a home.


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